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Looking for replacement bathroom items in a discontinued colour or style?

If you are trying to find a match for a bathroom item that is damaged, worn out or otherwise in need of replacing, or adding an item to a bathroom suite in an old colour or unusual style, first of all check for a maker’s name on the existing suite – usually on the top of the toilet pan or cistern lid, or on a back corner of the washbasin.

If you are on a mobile device use the Mobile-friendly Enquiry Form, or to send a more detailed request on a computer we have specific enquiry forms for the top 6 UK manufacturers, and a universal enquiry form for all other makes or if you can’t find a name on your suite.

Click one of the links below to go to the correct enquiry form, or scroll down the page to send an enquiry for all other services:


Mobile-friendly Enquiry Form

mobile friendly

Other services

retro bathrooms from brokenbog
If you are looking to install a new bathroom or cloakroom suite in a vintage style
or retro colour/colours, click here to send an email. Please include your contact details,
a description of your requirements, and attach any reference images you may have.

TV-Film-Theatre-bathroom-set-propsIf you are sourcing period bathroom props for film, television or theatre sets,
click here to send an email. Please include a brief outline of the setting, era,
preferred colour and whether any of the set items actually need to function.


If you are selling old stocks of bathroomware in discontinued colours or styles
click here to send an email. Please include a rough idea of makes, colours, styles
and quantities or attach a stocklist if you have one.

bathroom-recyclingIf you are removing a coloured, discontinued or vintage bathroom and would
like us to recycle and add it to our collection please click here to send an email.
Note: Generally only viable if you are able to bring the pieces to our warehouses in
Churt, Surrey GU10 2LN or Risca, Gwent NP11 6GQ.
In some cases we can collect but normally only within a 15-mile radius of either site.

miscellaneaIf you are looking for a new bathroom or interior furnishings in every possible style
from bespoke traditional copper & wood to ultra-modern marble & glass designs,
click here to go to the Miscellanea of Churt showroom site.

Or just call to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff

phone us

Whatever the nature of your enquiry, feel free to give us a ring to discuss your
requirements in person. Our main office number is 01428 608164, we are open
Monday to Friday 8.30-5.00, and Saturday 9.30-4.00 (excluding public holidays)