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Helpful Hints


How to Choose a Toilet

Whether you’re refurbishing an entire bathroom or simply replacing an old or broken toilet, carries a wide range of models to ensure you’ll find the right one for your home. This guide will tell you about the many features to consider when buying a toilet and the technology that is making them more comfortable, efficient and eco-friendly than ever before.
Choose Bowl Height

Standard Height
Approximately 14″ – 15″

Chair Height
Approximately 16″ – 17″ high, ideal for taller people and those with back or leg problems

Choose Bowl Shape

Round Front
Ideal for smaller spaces

Provides more sitting room
and increased comfort

Choose Flush Maintenance

Measure a toilet’s ability to remove bulk waste

Higher ratings mean better waste removal and better clog resistance

Choose Water Efficiency

Flush with 6 litres of water or less while maintaining good flush performance

Save water and money by purchasing a toilet with a more efficient flush


Keep comfort in mind when selecting a toilet. Refer to the table below to determine which toilet may best suit your needs.
Type Height Points to Consider
Standard 14″ to 15″ • May be preferable for children and shorter people
Chair height 16″ to 17″ • Preferred by taller people
• Ideal for people with back, leg or joint problems
• ADA approved
Bowl Type

The chart below describes the two types of toilet bowls:
Type Points to Consider
Round • More economical
• Fit into smaller bathrooms
Elongated • Provide more sitting room and increased comfort
• Larger water surface area provides more powerful flush

Refer to the chart below for design options:
Type Configuration Points to Consider
Two-Piece Tank and bowl are separate • Most common type
• Generally more economical
• Easy to find replacement parts
One-Piece Tank and bowl fused together into a
seamless unit • May save space
• Easy clean surfaces
• Creates a sleek, stylish look
Wall Mounted Mounts to wall and eliminates need for
toilet foot or base • May cost more to purchase and install
• Ideal for transfers from wheelchair or walker
• Requires thicker wall for mounting
• Drain for toilet must be on wall rather than floor
• Easy to clean underneath

Sold through Special Order in-store

With a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, selecting a toilet that matches the décor in your bathroom is simple and easy. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary design, our extensive selection makes it easy for you to reflect your own personal style.
Water Efficiency

New flushing technology across various toilets has enabled water conservation without sacrificing flush performance. Currently, new homes built in Ontario require a maximum single flush capacity of 6 litres. The Home Depot is proud to only offer toilets that meet this efficiency requirement. A number of similar bylaws have also been developed across the country. As a result, in addition to adding comfort and style, replacing old, inefficient toilets provides a great deal more water efficiency. Our Provincial Rebate and Incentive tool will help you see if your toilet purchase qualifies for a rebate from your local water municipality.
Flush Performance

A vital indicator of a quality toilet is the overall Flush Performance. A toilet with a higher flush performance will ensure that all waste is cleared within one single flush and mitigate the chance of clogging. Using Maximum Performance (MaP) scores you can be confident that the toilet will perform as expected, and remove the waste levels indicated. What you choose should suit your needs based on the grams of waste expelled by the typical user. From 350 to 1000 grams of waste per flush, the rating system will ensure the toilet you choose is right for you and your family.

The distance between the floor drain and the wall, called the rough-in, is one factor to consider when selecting your toilet. The standard distance is 12″ and 10″ or 14″ are occasionally found in older homes. You can determine the rough-in on an existing toilet by measuring from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of the bolts on the base.
Complete Toilet Kits

We now offer convenient toilet kits that include everything you need in one box – tank, bowl, toilet seat and wax ring (supply lines sold separately). These handy “All-In-One” products ensure that you have all of the correct toilet parts the first time, saving you from return visits to the store to buy or exchange parts.
4 Easy Steps to Installing a Toilet

Turn off water and remove old toilet. Scrape old wax ring from flange.

Install new bolts and wax ring.

Set new toilet and tighten to bolts.

Mount tank to toilet, re-attach supply line and turn on water.

DIY: Installing a Toilet